Laugh (Healthy Living) 

Some researchers believe that laughter really might be the best medicine, because it can help you feel better and reduce stress. Having a positive attitude, being open to letting loose, and having a good sense of humor will also help you to develop relationships with other people and form strong bonds.  

Studies have actually found that when people laugh, their brains go through the same changes that they do when people are mindfully meditating. This makes people feel refreshed and ready to conquer problems that they run into throughout the day. The therapeutic value of laughter is still being studied, but so far, it has only shown positive results.
Laughter relives the nervous feeling in us
Laugh producing situations save psychic energy
The excess in the spare energy is relieved by the act of laughter
DREAMS and HUMOUR allows us to enjoy hidden pleasure unconsciously o

Learn the therapeutic benefits of laughter Commit to laughing more.
. Watch silly TV shows and movies.
. Consider checking out a laughter yoga club.
. Join a laughter-based exercise program.
. Engage in voluntary, self-initiated laughter.
. Schedule time to watch funny videos on YouTube.
. Spend more time with your pets.
. Read funny books or newspaper comics.
. Have a favorite comedian.
. Watch a stand-up comedy show live or on YouTube.
. Listen to funny podcasts.
. Meet up with old friends and reminisce.
. Visit an amusement park.
. Look at your old pictures.

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